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Seamus Brett

Celtic Rhapsody

Celtic Rhapsody

*** We are sorry but this item has been discontinued and is no longer available.***

There is a story behind each track on this classic piano collection (Clare To Here, The Meeting Of The Waters, Last Rose Of Summer, My Lagan Love, Moonlight In May, and more).

Evocative and lovingly crafted by some of Ireland's finest musicians, they will remain with you long after the final note is played. A unique blend of Celtic piano, Uileann pipes, whistle and harp. Together they create the rich ambient sound of this magical land.

Tracks: The Meeting of the Waters, Buachnaill On Eirne, Silabh Galleon Braes, Clare To Here, Last Rose Of Summer, The Lark In The Clear Air, My Lagan Love, Cavan Girl, Baidin Fheilimi, The Green Glens Of Antrim, Mna NahEireann, The Coolin, Oft In The Stilly Night, Moonlight In Mayo, A Fond Farewell