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Boys of the Lough

(pronounced "lock")
Midwinter Night's Dream

Midwinter Night's Dream

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Rave Reviews for Midwinter Night's Dream!

"Makes for wonderful listening all year long."
-Rhythm Music Magazine

"Midwinter Night's Dream is one of the most satisfying, well-conceived and executed albums of Celtic music you'll find anywhere."
-Irish Voice

"...the Boys could inherit the Chieftains' mantle of glory."
-The Allentown (PA) Morning Call

"...listen to Midwinter Night's Dream and see why I rate the Boys as number one when it comes to Celtic Music."
-Irish Edition

"Find yourself a crackling fire and some good company and bask in the high spirits and comfortable warmth of this music."
-The Music Paper, New York City

"The Boys of the Lough remain one of the finest bands in Celtic traditional music."
-The New York Times

"Some albums grab you early on and never let go. Midwinter Night's Dream, clearly my favorite new release, is just that kind of record. Lush, lovely, magical, 'Dream' is a joyous journey, and a wonderful amalgam of northern European midwinter music lovingly plucked from the gloaming."
-The Record, Hackensack, NJ