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New Age Instrumental

The Deepening Edge by Taos
Back To The Garden by Richard Dworsky
End Of A Longer Day by James Blennerhassett

Album Cover - The Deepening Edge

The Deepening Edge
by Taos

CD: G2-10012

Release date: June 30, 2000
--Blix Street Records

The Deepening Edge by Taos presents the following tracks: 01 Shining Child, 02 Celtic Sea, 03 Clarisse, 04 Waterwheel, 05 Bholenath, 06 Deepening Edge, 07 Returning & Returned, 08 Soliloquy, 09 Montuno, 10 Someday Sometime

Album Cover - Richard Dworsky - Back To The Garden

Back To The Garden
by Richard Dworsky

Available from:

Release date: February 9, 1994
--Gifthorse Records

Pianist Richard Dworsky takes a fond look back at ten beautiful ballads of the 1960's. Dworsky, known to public radio audiences for his work with Garrison Keillor, plays evocative piano versions of such songs as Blackbird, Blowin' in the Wind, Suzanne, Guinnevere, The Circle Game and Woodstock. Whether you remember these songs perfectly or are hearing them for the first time, you'll enjoy this passionate and nostalgic trip "back to the garden."

Album Cover - Richard Dworsky - Back To The Garden

End Of A Longer Day
by James Blennerhassett

CD: G2-10072

Release date: April 24, 2000
--Blix Street Records

Tracks: End Of A Longer Day (poem), Blue Sky - Bare Branches, Emily Skips, Just A Moment, The Heron, Women of Ireland (Mná na hÉireann), An Evening By The Sea (Trathnona Cois Farraige), The Loudest Floor, Gortarowey, Old Stones Standing, A Wood Without Trees (Coill Gan Crainn - poem), A Wood Without Trees

Irish multi-instrumentalist James Blennerhassett is one of contemporary music's most talented and versatile bassists, and his way with a guitar has also made him one of its most in-demand artists. His work with Mary Black has earned him fans on both sides of the Atlantic, while his long list of credits includes studio and concert work with artists as diverse as Brian Kennedy, Sharon Shannon, Mairtin O'Connor, Kieran Goss, Frances Black, 4 Men and a Dog, Andy White and Green on Red.

Now, with his first solo outing, James Blennerhassett not only showcases his undeniable talent as a musician, but emerges as a writer able to weave melody and texture into music that defies easy categorization.

Opening and closing the album are two poems, the title cut and A Wood Without Trees (Coill Gan Crann), written by his sister Susan, well-matched bookends to the musical journey in between. Celts will claim an uptempo Emily Skips,the Heron, a graceful waltz with timeless appeal, and Women of Ireland (Mná na hÉireann), Sean O'Riada's jewel given new turns here.

But Blennerhassett's musical roots and rhythms are firmly planted in more than a few genres, and cuts such as the jazz-tinged Just A Moment, the mood-evoking An Evening By The Sea (Traithnona Cois Farraige) with its touch of bright whimsy, and a centerpiece for his guitar wizardry Old Stones Standing showcase his remarkable diversity. Gortarowley unfolds in irrestible horizons of piano and strings, while the mood-driven textures of The Loudest Floor invite contemplation and reveal an artist able to meld his wide-ranging knowledge, expertise and talent into a sound that is truly his own.