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Back Door Slam

Sort of a British John Mayer, guitarist Davy Knowles (who leads this young power trio) reanimates the late-'60s electric blues of Cream (whose version of Outside Woman Blues, they cover) and Hendrix (ditto for Red House). Their originals, a mixed bag, are basically a delivery system for Knowles's blistering solos, which emerge atop a thunderous rhythm section.

--Richard Gehr, Village Voice

Despite their youth, guitarist/singer Davy Knowles, drummer Ross Doyle and bassist Adam are heavily influenced by masters like original Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn; Knowles calls the latter two to mind with his confident, exhilarating solos. Onstage, the nimble-fingered Knowles provides the trio's visual and sonic flash, while Doyle and Jones give this music powerhouse its rock-solid foundation. It all adds up to something quite memorable.

--Nicole Pensiero, Philadelphia Enquirer

The next Clapton?: Back Door Slam's Davy Knowles may be the best guitarist you've never heard of. The band from the British Isles played a number of covers, but Knowles' talent was undeniable. Each member of the trio is in his twenties – it may be a long road, but Back Door Slam is in a fast car.

--Jeff Hahne, Creative Loafing, Charlotte, NC

...a ragtag trio of white boys who can play the blues like nobody's business. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine Stevie Ray's ghost up there, wailing away on stage, taking long pulls off a bottle of Crown.

--Seattle Weekly

In addition to a gee-whizz dexterity that coaxes fists skyward, Knowles is equally mindful of tone and flow. The kid can sing too....As graybeards in the audience nodded to each other in approval, a teenage girl exclaimed "Oh My God I Love Him!" You can't ask for better demographics than that.

--Austin Chronicle

I got a couple of pleasant surprises to start my Bonnaroo. British power trio Back Door Slam turned out to be every bit as good as their publicist had sworn to me they were. Guitarist/vocalist Davy Knowles gets most of the attention -- the LA Times called him 'a guitar god in training', but, in my experience, the rhythm section makes or breaks these blues-based rock bands, and drummer Ross Doyle and bassist Adam Jones are as good as they come. Even as I tried to move on, they pulled me back in with the song that gave them their name -- Robert Cray's Back Door Slam

--Brian Mansfield, USA Today

I heard the spirit of Jimi Hendrix coming from the open, streetside windows of a joint called B.D. Riley's. It was Red House, executed superbly by a surprisingly young trio called Back Door Slam.

--Patrick MacDonald, Seattle Times on Back Door Slam at SxSW

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